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Mindful mum life was born to make your life easier by taking the guesswork and stress out of choosing safer, minimal waste options for you and your family.

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Where do the children play?

I am from New Zealand, not Christchurch but a place called New Plymouth which is in the North Island. The attack on Friday stole my homelands’ innocence. I never believed something like this would happen in New Zealand, peaceful little old New Zealand. But it did and...

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Toy Library – a zero waste game changer.

That awkward age. My daughter is now five months old, which I am finding to be an awkward age to keep her entertained. She isn't mobile but laying on her back staring at toys dangling above her isn't quite cutting it anymore. She can sit up with some help from me, or...

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Minimising food waste.

Minimising food waste The average Australian household bin contains 40% food waste, which equates to about $1000 per year of wasted food! What would you rather be doing with that $1000??? Its not only the cost savings though - food waste that ends up in landfill,...

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