10 Reasons why you should be using cloth wipes.
cheeky wipes all in one

Another easy way to reduce your waste with a baby is to use reusable cloth wipes rather than the standard disposable wipes that are avaliable. Investing in some quality wipes when your baby is young should see you through to when they are toilet trained. I personally use the cheeky wipes system and can’t recommend it highly enough! You can buy the kit I use here. 

1 – Cost saving 

At around $5 a packet, using disposable wipes starts to add up. 80 wipes per pack, 2 wipes per change, 6-8 changes a day – at least $365 per year just on baby wipes!

2 – One wipe is all you need 

Barring a poo explosion, one cloth wipe can clean up what several disposable wipes can.

3 – Chemical free 

No nasty chemicals here, pure water is all that is needed with cloth wipes. There are some options to add essential oils to the water for a light fragrance but be mindful too much my irritate the skin. 

4 – You don’t need a fancy system 

Grab an inexpensive pack of face washers and some water and you are set to go. You can pre wet the wipes each day and store them in a container by your nappy change station or wet as you need with a spray bottle, in the cooler winter months you can even run the wipe under warm water. Bamboo velour wipes like these ones by Bubblebubs are super soft and do a great job gripping all the 💩

bubblebubs bamboo velour wipes
5 – Once less thing going into landfill 

You can’t compost disposable wipes, or flush them even if they say you can – they all go into landfill. By using cloth wipes you are eliminating thousands of disposable wipes from landfill!


6 – You are doing a lot of washing anyway 

Rinse off the poo and throw it in the wash, lets face it you were doing seven loads of washing today anyway right?!


7 – Easy to use out and about

Grab a couple of mini wet bags – pre wet a few wipes and pop them in the wet bag – once you’ve used them put them in the dirty wet bag.


8 – Not just for nappy changes

Great for wiping stick fingers and faces, I colour code my wipes, white for nappy changes and coloured for general wiping down to reduce the risk of cross contamination.


9. They go hand in hand with reusable nappies 

It’s a no brainer, you’ll be running a waste free nappy changing station. Not sure about about cloth nappies read my 10 myths about reusable nappies blog to get you started. 


10 – You will never run out.

No more late night runs to the supermarket to stock up on wipes. You don’t even have to let the wipes dry once you’ve washed them you can just wet them and wipe away!


Do you use cloth wipes already? What is your system – leave a comment and let me know.