That awkward age.

My daughter is now five months old, which I am finding to be an awkward age to keep her entertained. She isn’t mobile but laying on her back staring at toys dangling above her isn’t quite cutting it anymore. She can sit up with some help from me, or a cushion and all she want’s to do is put everything in her mouth.

Quality over Quantity.

I am a big believer in quality over quantity, this definitely applies to toys! What interests Little Miss one week, bores her the next. So I don’t want to be spending up on toys that are only going to interest her for a short period.  I bit the bullet over the weekend and visited the Ballarat toy library and became a member. The year long membership cost me over a hundred dollars, but in my first borrow I’m positive I have already made that money back. I borrowed a brightly coloured activity centre, a bundle of Fisher Price toys and two suction toys to keep her entertained in her highchair. If I had purchased all these items I would be looking at close to $200  and then in a few months time when they didn’t interest her anymore I would either:

a. have to find a cupboard to store them in

b. give them away

c. donate them to the Salvos.

wishbone bike

Don’t get me wrong I am not saying that I haven’t bought Little Miss toys, I am just very thoughtful about my purchases. I prefer to buy wooden toys because they are less likely to break also simple wooden toys encourage imaginative play. When purchasing toys I also like to make sure they will last at least a year, I already have my eye on this Wishbone 3 in 1 bike for her first birthday because I know it will last her till she is four or five.



Less Clutter 🙌🏼

I’m one of those people whose mind functions better with a clean house – please tell me I am not the only one? So the idea of purchasing a plethora of toys (and having them spread through every room) to keep Little Miss entertained just wasn’t going to fly with me. The toy library is the perfect balance, as she gets bigger – once a month we can go and pick out four toys for her to bring home and play with, once she outgrows them or becomes bored with them we simply return them for four new toys.

It is a beautiful thing, no unused toys clogging up my house, while Little Miss still gets to play with age appropriate toys. The biggest bonus however is the fact that you aren’t contributing to landfill! Good for your wallet and for the environment. Are you a toy library member? – comment below and let me know.

Not sure where your closest toy library is? Check out to find your local toy library.


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