I am from New Zealand, not Christchurch but a place called New Plymouth which is in the North Island. The attack on Friday stole my homelands’ innocence. I never believed something like this would happen in New Zealand, peaceful little old New Zealand. But it did and I think it has shocked so many of us, that the big bad world has come knocking on our front door. 

The realisation that I am bringing my daughter up in this world that can show so much evil in a single act has me rattled. It has been beautiful to see the outpouring of love, compassion and resilience my beautiful home nation has shown, but why does it always take an event like this to show each other compassion?

It is easy to get bogged down in your own life, we all have a lot going on, we are so busy, so connected, so accessible but at the same time so emotionally detached, so quick to judge and so vocal with our opinions. The age of the keyboard warrior is upon us and it blows my mind. If you wanna see the worst of humanity scroll through the comments section of any news story relating to the Christchurch attack… actually on second thought; save yourself the trouble and don’t look, just trust me when i say it is ‘simply awful.’ 

I’ve been living in a bubble, I am embarrassed to say I wasn’t privy to the fact the racism like this was still alive and well in our modern society. My group of friends are pretty progressive, inclusive and accepting and I just assumed that we were in the majority… I am quickly learning that we are a minority unto ourselves. Can my generation be the one to change it? Surely an event like what happened in Christchurch is a catalyst for change? A reason to stamp out casual racism when it happens. A reason to learn more about another culture or religion. To embrace our differences and love the diversity of our wonderful nation. We need to change for the sake of our children.

How are we going to teach our children love, compassion and acceptance when many of us hide behind a keyboard to berate and belittle our peers?

How do we teach them about inclusion? When there is so clearly a divide, a them and us mentality on the news every night? 

I feel a huge responsibility sitting here writing this, for the years to come. How am I going to teach my daughter that everyone in this world has a right to be here? To be heard? To believe what they want? To worship who they want? To be loved and to love whomever they want? When currently, so much of the world doesn’t even believe that all people should have these rights?

How are you teaching your little ones about other cultures and religions? I would love to hear your ideas – please comment below.