Our Story

Welcome to mindful mum life a curated marketplace showcasing quality brands and products to assist you in your journey towards a zero waste lifestyle.
Hi, my name is Brooke – Mindful Mum Life has resulted from the research I did while pregnant with my daughter, I was looking to find the best baby products to use, that had minimal toxins while creating as little waste as possible. I spent months looking into reusable nappies, researching different brands and reading more studies about the impact of disposable nappies than I care to remember. It began with reusable nappies but has now grown to include zero waste options for everyday living, our family has become more conscious of where and what we are purchasing to try and minimise our waste footprint.

The idea of zero waste living can be overwhelming, I myself am still on the journey towards zero waste – it is about educating yourself, being organised and changing habits. Mindful mum life was born to make your life easier by taking the guesswork and stress out of choosing safer, minimal waste options for you and your family. The products included on our website are items I use and endorse and have assisted in our family’s journey towards a zero waste lifestyle.

Brooke xx