Cheeky Wipes Baby Wipes All In One Kit


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This is a no hassle, easy alternative to disposable baby wipes… and is better for baby, the environment, and your wallet! The All in One Kit contains everything you need to make, store and transport your eco-friendly toxin-free wipes. Voted “Best Accessory” in the 2016 and 2017 Cloth Nappy Awards.

  • Reusable, no contribution to landfill
  • Suitable for sensitive skin and allows you to have complete control over what comes into contact with precious skin
  • Great for use for hands and faces long after your little ones are out of nappies
  • Allows you to save up to $750 per year on disposable wipes
  • Australian owned


Soft Cloth wipes – 25x white terry cloth wipes 15x15cm

Essential Oils – 10 ml bottle Lavender/Chamomile (fresh oil blend) acts as a natural preservative so your wipes can stay moist for 2 – 3 days. 10 ml bottle Tea Tree and Lemon (Mucky oil blend) provides natural antibacterial properties. Add to water when soaking your wipes and your baby and the wipes will smell fabulous.

2 Wipes Containers – Clean wipes go into the blue; Used wipes go into the green. Flat, stackable lids and air-tight seals so wipes stay fresh longer. Single-clip lids are easy to open and close with one hand.

3 Wet Bags – A mesh wash bag for dirty (green) container, a travel bag for your clean wipes+ a travel bag for your dirty wipes with a removable mesh wash bag insert.

Includes booklet with step-by-step instructions.


1. Fill the Fresh Container with water and add a few drops of the Fresh Essential Oil.
2. Place cloth wipes into the container, turn them over a few times so they are moist, then the wipes are ready to use.
3. Fill the Mucky Container with water & a few drops of Mucky Essential Oil.
4. Place used wipes into the Mucky Wipes Container with the Mesh Wash Bag inside.
5. Simply take the mesh bag out of the container and place it straight into the washing machine.
(includes easy to read instruction booklet with step-by-step instructions)


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